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- Validation of two models of “good water governance” combining principles of water and energy efficiency with applications based on renewable energies for the eco-management of water in irrigation uses.

- Reduction of more than 60% of the use of oil-based fuels and electric energy and the accumulated equivalent to 100 toe /year.

- Reduction of more than 200 tons of greenhouse gas emissions as consequence of the development of the two pilot experiments.

- Water savings during the demonstrative experimentation above 100.000 m3 by applying emerging technologies of efficient water management (percentage higher than 60% of the average saving).

- Characterisation of an exemplary model at regional level to reinforce the transfer potential incorporating measures of a financial and regulatory nature, with social and institutional support for models of “good water governance”.

- Mapping out linked to reinforce the potential for 100 strategic enclaves (Geographic information systems -GIS-) at EU level, with a high rate of greenhouse gasses reduction derived from the “energy bill” when moving water for irrigation uses.

- Adhesion dynamics to the models of “good water governance” of key sectors and public authorities involved, which will be reflected in the GIS mapping and the project Website, formalisation of adhesion commitments by 10 watering communities, 10 regions and 10 cities and an objective of reducing 2.012 accumulated tons of GHG for 2.012 year as a symbolic milestone associated to the Kyoto commitments.

- Post-Life commitment for the project valorisation and development of support measures for the transfer of the results at the project finalisation.

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