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Actions and means involved

- Design and measurement of two models of “good water governance” oriented towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions derived from the “energy bill” by moving water in:

a) Irrigation uses in agriculture; located in the Montesnegros Irrigation Community.
b) Watering of green spaces in urban areas; located in the Aragon region in one of the 15 additional municipalities interested included in a reserve list for their direct inclusion in the action.

The performance of this action is expected to involve the cooperation at international level of organisations specialised in efficient water management systems and technologies that have already been tested for irrigation purposes and an expert organisation in applications based on renewable energies on a national and international scale.

- Implementation for demonstrative experimentation purposes of the models defined in two pilot actions with different energy requirements, different sources of renewable energy (solar-thermal power, micro-turbine, micro-wind and biomass energy) and two different types of irrigation systems:

a) Irrigation in agriculture managed by one of the biggest irrigation communities in Spain with high energy requirements in water management.
b) Watering of green urban spaces of a public local entity having average energy requirements for the water management devoted to irrigation tasks.

- Assessment for both pilot actions of the water and energy savings, supply levels reached with renewable sources, petroleum equivalent tons (toe) avoided reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental cost/benefit ratio of both models linked to their transfer potential.

- Validation of the models based on the results obtained and levels of potential of transfer prior to additional external quality control and PFMEA (Process failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis for both models.

- Execution of a dissemination strategy distinguishing by territorial levels, key target sectors and target groups, including specific dissemination products in two languages (ES, EN), and reinforcement of the transfer potential through a valorisation plan of results designed by the participating Regional Authority incorporating measures of financial and regulatory nature, of social and institutional support for the models validated.

- To guarantee the effective transfer of models and results on a large scale and at different territorial and sectorial levels by developing a strategy approach based on:
a) Mapping for exemplary purposes, 100 strategic enclaves at European Union level with a high rate of transfer potential distinguishing between the starting point and a planned scenario for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water savings through the extrapolation of the validated outcomes.
b) The results of the project and through the use of environmental authority networks, to promote the adhesion to “good water governance” models, in 10 irrigation communities, 10 regions and 10 European cities as a specific measure included in their Local Agenda 21.

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