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- To reduce greenhouse gas emissions derived from the “energy bill” by moving water.

- To design and measure models with a high rate of transfer potential, with the aid of international cooperation, for irrigation purposes combining efficient water management principles and technologies (water savings = energy savings + clean energies = reduction of emissions) with additional applications based on renewable energies.

- To implement and validate two models of “good water governance” of European interest for demonstrable purposes that will enable the use of oil-based fuels and electric energy to be reduced by more than 60% in each pilot experiment in irrigation water management (farmlands and green urban spaces) with a cost/benefit ratio that is favourable to the environment.

- To guarantee the effective transfer of the project and its outcomes at local, regional, national and European scale, by means of a dissemination strategy distinguishing by key sectors and target audience, along with its reinforcement using an assessment plan that incorporates measures of financial and regulatory nature and with social and institutional support for the models validated.-

- Mapping 100 strategic enclaves for explanatory purposes with a high potential rate of transfer within the European Union distinguishing between the starting point and a planned scenario for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water savings through the extrapolation of validated outcomes.

- To promote adherence to models of “good water governance”, based on the results of the project, and through the use of environmental authority networks, in 10 irrigation communities, 10 regions and 10 European cities (specific measure included in Local Agenda 21).


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